Tampa Bay Great Books Council Members

The current TBGB Council members are:

  • Sara Cohen
  • Anne Strozier
  • Linda Feeney
  • George Hyde
  • Mark Simo
  • Tom Walker
  • Arlene Zimney

President & Treasurer/Co-Founder: Sara Cohen
Sara has operated an Interior Design firm in Tampa for more than 30 years, after receiving her BFA from Syracuse University and her MA in the University of South Florida.  She has served as Tampa Bay Great Books Council President for 10 years, and has served on the Boards of the Life Center and the Jewish Community Center. Sara is a certified Great Books discussion leader.

Secretary: Anne Strozier
Anne is a Professor Emerita from the University of South Florida, and a licensed psychologist.  While at USF as an Associate Professor of Social Work, Anne created the Florida Kinship Center to provide resources, research, and government liaison for grandparents and other relatives responsible for raising children.  Anne is an active fundraiser for local and international charities as well.

 Curriculum Coordinator: Linda Feeney
Linda moved to the Tampa area from New York City after retiring from a 17 year management career with the Ford Foundation.   She has a BA in English; a Master’s degree in Library and Information Science; and an MBA.   She has an abiding love of literature, languages and food.

 Marketing Director: George Hyde
George is a lifelong broadcaster, starting as an announcer at the radio station at Brown University, and eventually becoming Regional VP/Florida for a large Radio group.  He served as Vice Chairman of the National Association of Broadcasters and Executive Vice President of the Radio Advertising Bureau.  George teaches several media courses at OLLI-USF.

Registrar: Mark Simo

Mark has been a Great Books/OLLI member since 2009. “Taking Great Books classes enables me to read and discuss books, plays, essays and short stories I would have likely not read on my own in a relaxed, friendly, no pressure/no tests environment – just the joy of learning.” Mark retired in 2008 from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, as an HR manager. Mark exercises daily, and spends his time traveling, playing and singing jazz standards, meditating, being with family and loved ones, and reading great books. Mark holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the Herbert H. Lehman College of the City University of New York.

Tom Walker
Tom was raised in Durham, North Carolina, and educated at Duke University. Since 1965, Tom has worked in the “mainframe” computer industry, serving briefly on the board of ITT, and, since 1986, in the publishing and consulting firm he and his wife founded to promote her special IBM knowledge. To counterbalance all that geekiness, he travels, does improve comedy, practices Japanese calligraphy, and serves on several nonprofit boards including a low power radio station WSLR where he hosts a weekly talk show. He’s the facilitator of a decades-old Sarasota Great Books group and continues to enjoy the literature he should have read in college.

Database Manager: Arlene Zimney

Arlene holds a Masters Degree in Information Studies from Syracuse University. She and her husband moved from snowy Rochester, NY to sunny Tampa in 2002. After a 30-year career in Purchasing & Contracts for various manufacturing, telecommunications companies and governmental agencies, she retired in 2015. She enjoys classes in literature, history, technology, human behavior and the arts.

Council Emeritus:

 Patrick DeMarco

Patrick helped found the Tampa Bay Great Books Council and established Great Books programs at OLLI-USF. Patrick’s career included being an educator in linguistics and international education.