Tampa Bay Great Books Searches for “The Soul of America”

As Pulitzer Prize winning author Jon Meacham sees it, our nation has been sustained by a belief in progress — even in our darkest times — and our “better angels” have found a way to prevail. That’s the basic premise we’ll be testing at the Tampa Bay Great Books Fall Conversation Conference, as we delve into Meacham’s latest, The Soul of America: The Struggle for Our Better Angels.

The conference will be held on Thursday, September 20th, from 9:30 to 3:30 at the picturesque Tampa Palms Golf and Country Club, 5811 Tampa Palms Boulevard, Tampa (just off I-75 at Bruce B. Downs Blvd.)

Jon Meacham is the noted biographer of Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, and George H.W. Bush, and also penned a study of the relationship between FDR and Winston Churchill.  In reviewing “The Soul of America,” the New York Times noted: “Meacham is an adroit and appealing storyteller. While interested in providing a usable history with lessons for the present, he tries to judge the past on its own terms, resisting the easy moralizing that smugly elevates the right-thinking living above the thoroughly unenlightened dead.” Click here for the full New York Times book review. Also hear NPR’s Fresh Air interview with Meacham, “Soul Of America’ Makes Sense Of Nation’s Present By Examining Its Past.”

Wherever your views are on the political spectrum during this turbulent period in American culture, you will find that Meacham’s thesis presents much that is worthy of the type of civil discussion that characterizes Great Books gatherings.

The cost of the conference is just $45, which includes a copy of “The Soul of America” and a lunch prepared by the Tampa Palms staff.

To register, click here to download the registration form. Follow the directions on the form to mail your registration and check.

Accommodations are available at Tampa Palms for conference attendees from outside the Tampa area. Call the Tampa Palms Country Club directly at 813 972- 1991.

Any questions about the event should be directed to Patrick DeMarco at (813)-230-5115 or via e-mail to: pdemarco@tampabay.rr.com