More than 30 literature lovers gathered this morning (Friday, 9/7/18) at the Compton Park Clubhouse for a free two-hour “Great Books Sampler,” presented by the Tampa Bay Great Books Council.  The program was designed to answer the most common questions about the “Great Books” programs that have flourished in Tampa Bay in recent years and have been a fundamental element in the OLLI-USF curriculum for some 15 years.

Highlights of the morning in pictures:

TBGB President Sara Cohen welcomes attendees

Tampa Bay Great Books President Sara Cohen welcomes the attendees, many of whom were uncertain as to the criteria for selecting “Great Books” and the “Shared Inquiry” techniques used to involve participants and share varying

interpretations of great literature.


Patrick DeMarco, chief moderator for Tampa Bay Great Books,

Patrick DeMarco, explains history of the “Great Books” program

explains the history of the “Great Books” program, noting that one of this Fall’s OLLI-USF courses will rely on a proven anthology, while the second will include contemporary work from a variety of genres.


After a brief discussion of “Shared Inquiry,” participants warmed to

Participants warmed to the task of analyzing the text,  “Rothschild’s Fiddle,” a short story by Anton Chekhov

the task of analyzing the text for today’s program – “Rothschild’s Fiddle,” a short story by Anton Chekhov.





Sally Ordway, a veteran OLLI-USF participant and Advisory Board Member, offered her interpretation of a particular passage while Kevin Chittim and Linda Feeney looked on. (Kevin and Linda are accredited Great Books moderators who will be conducting the morning “Great Books” session this Fall.)


Sally Ordway offered her interpretation of a particular passage 








Remember that this Fall’s OLLI-USF “Great Books” sessions have moved to a new day and place!  Join us on Wednesdays in the Multi-Purpose Building of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Tampa, 11400 Morris Bridge Road (just south of Fowler Avenue near I-75).  Check your OLLI-USF Catalogue for details and map.  Act now because seats are going fast!